My Music Page

Over the years I have developed a true love of music which essentially began with my involvement in the music department at Adams State College (ASC) during my time there. I eventually ended up double majoring and completed my B.A. in trombone performance in '98. Ever since my active involvement has slowly decreased but I still strive to remain active. Most recently I have been performing with the Hillsdale College Symphony Orchestra, Big Band, and Brass Quintet.

My musical training up to this point has been very erratic. I first started playing trombone with the Musikverein Prellenkirchen . Almost having lost my interest at this time it was rekindled during my years at A.S.C. and has prevailed up to this day.

Over the years I had the opportunity to study with various teachers but the most impact to my playing was definitely during my time with Tony Chipurn. Unfortunately this was during my first few years of graduate school and so my progress was limited but I still often draw on things exposed to back then.

This brief background serves as a motivation of my maintaining this site. I hope it will be useful to both friends and family as well as the trombone/music enthusiast who might find some useful information here.